deutschsprachige Version

This is a little project I started some time ago “thanks” to a bunch of really annoying people whom I just wanted to tell that their believes may not be entirely true… However, the project has

• footnotes
• a guestbook and
• enjoys a correct typography

It also has a sitemap and a search-function (more about that later), the English version is featured to be a weblog – unlike in the German speaking world, there is a number of high-quality pages dealing with the respective issue, so I thought it was not neccessary to translate the German version to English, consequently, a number of features is available only in the original version.

A special feature I wanted to add was the search-function, which uses a Javascript file with compressed data in it generated by the CMS, which moves the workload of the actual search away from the server, to the respective browser, making the search of course lighteningly fast. The only thing is, that it works only in a very limited number of browsers and browser-versions, so I abandoned it eventually. I suppose I will have to use a JS-framework for this, or AJAX, although this would mean that offline-search would no longer be avaiable. It was fun writing the compression algorithm though.

Here are a few screenshots of the project, move your cursor over a thumbnail for a full view of the respective image, the project was coded in python.