deutschsprachige Version – create job folder on the filesystem

This is a little something I wrote for a company where I was once employed, it provides a nifty graphical user-interface using python's GTK-bindings to simplify creation of folders for incoming jobs, creating a folder either of the form DATE-NAME or tmp-DATE-NAME or DATE-Scan-NAME in the respective directory where current jobs are to be located.

To view the screenshots of the script running under Linux (left image) or Windows (right image), just move the mouse cursor over the thumbnail.

This code was originally written for internal use only; when I published it here on, I eventually changed the policy to Open Source, but because this was an internal use only-script in the first place, I admit I did not really care about code quality, especially because this one was working fine for the years I was employed in that printery, so it is safe to say that this is an example of python-code that is considered to be moreless quick & dirty or unclean, respectively.

The error-message in the Windows version is intentional, I wanted to show something with an error message, so I made sure there was no drive K: or E: or F: when I fired up the script.

Mind that the project is commented in German, to give all of my co-workers the best chance possible to understand and if necessary modify the code and maye possibly even encourage them to learn programming themselves, you never know.