deutschsprachige Version is a project I wrote for a cultural association some time ago, I also designed the original business cards, the association's rubber stamp, … and first and foremost, I designed the association's logo, which has been very much appreciated, and as far as I know, it now even is a registered trademark.

The site is programmed in php5 and is

• bilingual
• equipped with a web-interfaced content managemenment with a
• help-system,
• it has galleries,
• caching,
• a search function,
• offers an (internal) version history

and relies on datafiles, not on databases, for when the code was written it was unclear if there would be access to databases on the live server.

Here are some pictures (showing the search-function and a picture taken from the internal help), the project's source code is not to be published (for a full view of the images just move the cursor over the thumbnails):

Altough I have written the original code and created the original web-design, I no longer participate in the project in any way, and I am not responsible for the current state of neither the code-basis nor the contents of; after it became evident that even basic rules of webdesign are not cared about at all by the people I actually did this work for (the sometimes pretty obfuscated hierarchy of articles being one of the consequences), I left the project.