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Sacharja, the private person

…will surely not be displayed in the internet.

The internet is – public space. Everything in it can be accessed by anybody who sitting in front of a web-browser, so whatever anybody might ever load up can be read by for example your boss, your employees, your wife, your ex-wife, your children, your friends, your enemies, and of course a by a lot of people who don't even know you, including those who "have no life" or "too much time".

This indicates a certain cautiousness about what one should actually publish there, too many people carelessly provide too many personal information, that rather should be of concern to their friends and relatives – if at all! – and surely are of no interest to any stranger.

So you won't find any personal information here, for it is my my deepest conviction that personal information belongs to your personal environment, and nowhere else.

I am aware that the internet is a medium quite new, and that certain social rules about how to deal with it are yet to be established, with this text I hope to urge people out there to look for more mature ways to deal with that internet, to be able to benefit from its full potential, while not becoming victim of its lesser desirable properties.

with best regards,