deutschsprachige Version itself is a tiny project, whose pages are generated by a few hundred lines written in python, utilizing a hierarchy of files. These scripts are not intended to become an “uber-CMS” itself, for is to become rather a framework for other projects, which – if they happen to be in a sufficiently enough state of maturity – are to be published here.

The only real “feature” is in the galleries, which are created by scripts who automatically (create all thumbnails of course and) add a copyright-notice to all images, but at the same time also crop a small strip from the original image that then is layed over that copyright notice to make it invisible – in the context of the web-page. If the image is downloaded or viewed outside of the context of the page, the copyright-notice is very well visible, in the end, both the requirements of an undisturbed view of the image and of labelling images with a copyright-notice are met.

I also addes some Javascript-functionality to the galleries, for if you happen to display the page in a browser window that is too small to display that awesome picture in all its glory, the image will be resized accordingly.